I dream of Paris. I dream of Venice. I dream of Korea. But most of all, I dream of Ireland; I dream of the countryside and the pubs. I dream of how beautiful it all must be. 

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  • Mom: I hear all these ladies talking about their kids. They push their children way passed their limits in school. I feel bad for them. Like they don't even have time to do what makes them happiest. They consider that as procrastination and they do not tolerate such a thing.
  • Me: Well I'm sure as mothers, they only want their children to work hard now so they can have a good future.
  • Mom: For what?
  • Me: To be happy.
  • Mom: But they are making their kids procrastinate on being happy now to be happy later? Yeah you will have a ton of money and a nice house and car, maybe. But all the money in the world will not be able to buy your childhood again. Han. I am very proud of you to be in school again, but always do what you love. Love who you want. Always remember that mom will support you no matter what.
  • Me: *tearing up like a faggot


Sakura in Xitang (by shenxy)


Sakura in Xitang (by shenxy)

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Thailand’s ancient temples submerged in floodwater.


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: Pull your own weight.


Fuck the excuses, the self pity, the tolerance for negativity. Fuck listening to others for “the truth”. I’ll be the one to find the truth for myself, even if it’s a dumbass decision. Take every opportunity you have for happiness. If I feel like cutting class, then I’ll cut class. Life ain’t…

I feel like a lot of people get brainwashed by expectations and forget that they’re living to experiment to find what makes them happy in life. Instead, they think they’re living to make money in order to be successful. Successful is finding out what makes you happy. And if money makes you happy, go for it. But that’s not all life has to offer.



I love hearing static on the other end of the phone every night while we sleep. I mean, its literally nothing but white noise, but it’s just the comfort of knowing you’re on the other side. 

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I wasn’t looking for someone to make me feel happy. Of course I can be happy on my own. But I wanted to be someone else’s happiness. Do you know that feeling? To be someone’s first thought when they wake up and to put a bright smile on their face just for saying “hello.”
Whatever it’s called, it is a feeling I can’t feel on my own, it is a feeling I was looking for, and it was what I meant when I said, “I can’t be alone.”

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